Chinese investment in Spain growing fast

Chinese investment in Spain growing fast

Spain is an attractive market for Chinese investors, according to recent research published by The American Enterprise Institute.

The China Global Investment Tracker report showcases large investments made by Chinese companies around the world, starting at $100 Million deals.



Spain is the third fastest growing EU country in terms of attracting investment from China, only surpassed by The Netherlands and Switzerland.

According to the report, Chinese appetite for investing in Spain grew by 57% in 2015, compared with the previous year. Investment in Spain increased from €540 Million to €850 Million in that period.

The figures demonstrate a growing trend of investment in Spanish companies and assets, compared to other major European countries where China has decreased investment in local companies in the same period.



China invests in a variety of Spanish sectors including travel and hospitality, finance and telecoms, among others. Over the last decade, China invested over €3 Billion in Spain in a number of highflying companies such as Telefónica, the leading Tier 1 telecoms operator in Spain, and in several other countries around the world.



A number of hotel groups such as Meliá Hotels International and NH Hotel Group, with hotels in several continents, have received large investments from the Asian country. This is the second sector in Spain in terms of investment received by Chinese companies in 2015.

In addition to those two main sectors, a number of surprising deals also came to fruition. For example, one of China´s top investors, Wang Jianlin, bought a 20% stake in Atlético de Madrid, a top Spanish football club, with world-class players such as Fernando Torres.

China is likely to continue growing its investment in Spain with an improved economic outlook, falling rates of unemployment, and a return of local and international demand for Spanish products and services.

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