Argali Abogados Advises IE Business School Entrepreneurs Free of Charge

Dutilh Law Firm Gives Pro Bono Advice to Entrepreneurs

Dutilh Law Firm Gives Pro Bono Advice to Entrepreneurs

As Spain exits a two-year recession and embarks on a slow but sure economic recovery, both the government and the business community know how important it is to encourage entrepreneurs.

Start-ups focused on new technologies as a future economic growth driver are on the increase, but financing for research and development (R&D) remains difficult due to the continued stranglehold on bank lending.

The new Entrepreneurs Law will go some way to improving the situation. It offers start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) incentives for reinvesting profits, as well as providing tax breaks for R&D and innovation.

Business incubators are also flourishing in Spain, driven by high unemployment rates and the need to replace jobs in dying industries.

These groups of professionals offer start-ups and SMEs advice and coaching, as well as some financial backing. They provide a fertile environment for innovation, where entrepreneurs can develop their fledgling business and feed off each other.


Some of Spain’s leading companies like Telefonica and Santander are also keen to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and have set up their own business incubators. The objective of Telefonica’s Wayra is to find and nurture the best technological ideas and talent. Inberso, one of whose three key sponsors is Santander, brings professional investors into contact with technological companies with high growth potential and funding needs.

While both Santander and Telefonica’s initiatives have a global reach, one of their key goals is to help to increase the presence and competitiveness of Spanish SMEs overseas.


Madrid-based Spanish law firm Argali Abogados has launched two programmes to support Spanish entrepreneurs and make them more competitive both at home and abroad. Its programme for SMEs internationalization seeks to help small and medium-sized businesses tackle the legal hurdles that are often faced by entrepreneurs abroad.

The firm also recently signed an agreement with the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IE Business School, one of Spain’s top business training centres. The IE Business School’s Venture Lab offers students the opportunity to launch their own start-up while studying for their MBA or Master’s. The aim of the Venture Lab is to incubate the development and consolidation of business start-ups.

All start-ups involved in the different programmes organised by the IE Business School can benefit from Dutilh’s free advice and coaching during a fixed number of hours. If the hours are used up, the advice service is still available at reduced prices.

The IE Business School is the best business school in Europe, according to The Financial Times ranking for 2013.

For information on Spain’s entrepreneurs, contact corporate law firm Argali Abogados.

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