Dutilh Aids Spanish Hotel Firm Rusticae’s Chile Expansion

Dutilh Aids Spanish Hotel Firm Rusticae’s Chile Expansion

Dutilh Aids Spanish Hotel Firm Rusticae’s Chile Expansion

Latin America has long been the destination for Spanish companies with overseas expansion ambitions. Hardly surprising, given the historic, cultural and linguistic ties between the two countries.

A slew of Spanish firms have seen revenues boosted over the last two decades by their business in South and Latin America, including telecommunications giant Telefonica and top banks Santander and BBVA.

Leading Spanish hotels have also built up a strong presence; Melia Hotels International is considered the largest in Latin America. And now Rusticae – the Spanish chain of hotels and country houses with charm – has set up shop in the region, choosing Chile as its base.

Madrid-based Spanish law firm Argali Abogados advised Rusticae on the Chilean project.


Rusticae has been building a reputation for providing hotels with charm in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and several European capitals for the last 17 years. Its offer ranges from “child-friendly hotels” to “hotels with fireplaces for rainy days”.

With an initial investment of 300,000 euros, Rusticae’s bet on Chile as the cornerstone for its Latin American operations has proved to be a smart one. It is also a case of second-time lucky for the lodging firm, after plans to establish its brand in the region by entering Argentina were thwarted first time round as a result of the corralito in that country at the end of 2001.

After being up and running just six months, Rusticae now has 12 hotels, 4 restaurants and 1 bodega in Chile. It has also begun to look farther afield, opening hotels in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.


Although its Latin American dream has had to wait more than a decade, Rusticae’s timing for opening an office in Chile could not be better. While there are some top quality hotels there, the country’s tourism sector is still ripe for development to make it more competitive and boost its international profile.

Through its strategic alliances with Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Microsoft, Rusticae is well placed to promote Chile’s tourist attractions as well as those in other parts of Latin America, taking advantage of the fact that foreign investment is flowing into the region.

While most of Europe is still grappling with the constraints of the global crisis, Latin America’s economy is booming and its tourism industry on track to post strong growth.

For information on Rusticae’s Chilean business, contact corporate law firm Argali Abogados.

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