Fujitsu Invests in Madrid Data Laboratory

Fujitsu Invests in Madrid Data Laboratory

Fujitsu Invests in Madrid Data Laboratory

Fujitsu recently inaugurated a data laboratory in Spain, a move which clearly indicates the multinational’s confidence in the country’s innovation capabilities.

With an initial investment of about 5 million euros, the Madrid-based data centre will support business agility and innovation for Fujitsu’s customers world-wide.

Apart from its Fujitsu Laboratories subsidiary in London, the company has data labs in Japan, China and the US.

The Japanese electronics and IT giant is no stranger to Spanish shores. It produces electronics components at its plant in Malaga, supplying leading car manufacturers like Toyota’s factories across Europe.

Fujitsu has also been collaborating with Spain’s financial institutions for over 40 years, developing innovative technological solutions for commercial banking sales channels. Much of this technology has also been rolled out across Europe.



Fujitsu Laboratories already actively cooperate with Spanish academic institutions, government organisations and businesses.

And just last month – as part of the Fujitsu World Tour 2015 – it celebrated the annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering in Madrid.

The target audience for this key European event includes delegates from the government and the public sector, academia and research organisations, as well as the wider business community.

Fujitsu’s Madrid data lab will focus on the financial, health, tourism and environmental sectors. These industries generate a lot of data which needs to be treated with specialised technology. Tourism and financial services are two of Spain’s most important industries.

And the Japanese firm is in the process of recruiting top class researchers and engineers in Spain to work at the new centre.

So once again the Fujitsu is contributing to creating much-needed jobs in the country!



Fujitsu is not the only international firm which has increased its investment in Spain over the last year, driven by the country’s innovation potential.

In March, Nestle announced a 102 million euro investment in a new coffee production facility at its plant in Gerona. Technological advances mean the new line at the Gerona plant will use 40 percent less energy than the existing facilities.

And German discount supermarket chain Lidl has earmarked 70 million euros for a new logistics centre on the outskirts of Madrid. This will be Lidl’s largest logistics platform in Europe.

Last but not least, Google has recently inaugurated one of its business campuses in Madrid to provide support for technology start-ups. Business people are becoming more aware that new technologies and innovation are future growth drivers.

This is a concept which the Spanish government is also keen to promote by offering tax credits to companies which focus on research and development and technical innovation.

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