Investment in Spain is mainly on the gain

Investment in Spain is mainly on the gainThe fourth edition of the meeting organized by Earnest And Young and venture capital and private equity firm ASCRI on Investment Opportunities in Spain was held in London last month.

During the meeting it was seen that confidence in the Spanish economy is growing with 79 per cent of Spanish managers surveyed saying they had faith that the economy would continue to improve. Every single one of them said they expected their business results to increase or remain stable, while 61 per cent said they had plans to make an acquisition in the coming months.

Data collected up to September 2017 showed a record high investment volume of 4,380.4 million euro spread across 575 investments. In addition, the return of major operations was confirmed with the closure of 11 mega deals in the first nine months of 2017. This all comes on the back of news that Eurozone economic confidence has hits its highest point since 2001, and a record breaking Spain Investors’ Day earlier this year.

Making it happen

Among attendees at the event were 90 large investors and funds of venture capital and private equity. Northzone, Carlyle Europe Technology Partners, 360 Capital Partners, Dawn Capital, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML), Arcane, Citi, Alantra Private Equity, Miura Private Equity, Abac Capital and Apollo Management International were some other the participants of the day.

According to the type of investor, international funds continue to demonstrate a significant investment appetite for Spain. By number of operations, private national investors continue to lead operations with 67.3 per cent of the total which represents 387 investments. This is followed by public national investors with 114 investments. Middle markets – operations with an investment in equity between 10 million and 100 million euro – generated a total volume of 1,087 million euro over 42 investments.

What they said

Rafael Roldán, managing partner of the Transactions Area of ​​Earnest and Young, spoke of the good health and confidence that Spain inspires in foreign investors. He said, ‘We are working with numerous funds to look for investment opportunities in Spain. In fact, after a good result of the activity during the first semester, there is still a solid pipeline of operations and the growth of the transactional activity has led us to record double-digit growth in this area for the fourth consecutive year.’

Juan Luis Ramírez, president of ASCRI and founding partner of Portobello Capital, reviewed the reality of private capital, adding, ‘Private equity and venture capital continues to grow in Spain and is recovering ground over our neighboring countries. However, there is still a lot to be done in the regulatory field and in attracting new long-term Spanish investors who want to become part of the investment community.’

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