M & A activity rises again

M & A activity rises againThe number of mergers and acquisitions in the first half of 2017 in Spain increased by 3.99 per cent on the same period of last year.

With the study coming from analysts TTR, it can be seen that the most active sector of the year so far has been real estate with a total of 362 transactions. This is followed by technology with 174, and then the Internet with 113.

Almost there

Jonathan Klonowski, EMEA Research Editor at Mergermarket, said, ‘Strong cross-border figures clearly show that dealmakers are confident in investing in Spain and this year the country could come close to record figures last seen pre-crisis.’

This year’s activity continues Spain’s track to recovery with 2017 looking positive even in the first six weeks of the year. There were also many large deals announced in 2016 that were expected to close in 2017, further boosting this year’s figures.

Looking to other countries, most of the activity from Spain has occurred in the United States with 20 transactions, closely followed by Portugal where 16 have taken place. However, in terms of capital, France is the country in which Spain has made the most investment with approximately 2,201 million euros put into opportunities in that country.

Spainward bound

Coming the other way, the country that holds the greatest number of investments in Spain is The United States with 66. Then it’s the United Kingdom at 49 and France at 41.

Around 17 million euros was invested in Spanish companies by their Italian counterparts, although most of this was accounted for by the acquisition of Spain’s Abertis by Italy’s Atlantia. This deal was valued in the region of 16,341 million euros.

Throughout the year so far, a total of 134 Private Equity operations have accounted for 17,144.17 million euros, representing a 22 per cent increase in the number of such operations on last year, along with a 127 per cent increase in the amount of operations.

And on the venture capital market, 221 transactions were carried out with an aggregate amount of 873.76 million euros being invested. This increases the number of operations by 20 per cent when compared to last year, but in terms of actual capital, a reduction of 29 per cent was seen.

In the Spanish capital market, 17 stock exchanges were closed in the year with a volume of 3,017 million euros along with 36 capital increases which totaled 8,000.96 million euros.

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