M&A activity figures steadily march on

M&A activity figures steadily march onMergers and acquisitions in Spain increased 11.3 % in February this year, when compared with the same month in 2017.

This takes into account 116 mergers and acquisitions in that month with the total coming to an impressive 8,512 million euros. In total capital mobilized, this reads as an increase of 11.37 % on the same month of 2017. Operations were also bigger as a whole, the story of that being told in the 32.16 % decrease on the total number of operations when compared to the corresponding month for 2017.

The information comes from the monthly report prepared by Transactional Track Record, or TTR.

Combining the first two months of 2018, a total of 287 transactions were recorded with just 108 of them totaling 10,766 million euros. While February of this year has beaten its counterpart of the last, these figures display a decrease of 18 % in the number of actual transactions, and financial decrease of 6.1 % when comparing to both January and February of this year to those same months of 2017.

Not everyone’s a winner

Looking across the board, not every sector saw increases.

Venture capital investments in startups saw a total of 20 operations occurring to the tune of 68 million euros. This represents a reduction of 43 % in the number of operations when compared to last year.

In private equity transactions made in Spain in February, these increased by 35 %, reaching 4,326.31 million euros spread across 13 operations, representing a 41 % decrease on February of 2017.

The most active sector in February of this year was real estate in which 82 transactions took place. This was followed by technology with 47, then consultancy, auditing and engineering which came in with a combined total of 21.

Spain’s move

Looking the other way, Spanish companies were involved in eight operations in The United States, the country in which Spain was most active. Portugal was the second highest beneficiary; six operations of unknown value were activated there.

Moving back to Spain, the TTR study shows that there have been three IPOs and five capital increases up to February this year. It also names the stand out transaction as the acquisition of 58.07 % of Axiare Patrimonio. This was carried out by Colonial and represents a takeover bid from the acquiring company of 849.3 million euros. 

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