More hunger for Spanish biotech

Spanish biotechSpanish biotechnology is winning over investors with capital increasingly flowing into the sector. The vast majority are small to medium enterprises, or SMEs. Last year, they attracted 135.1 million euros of capital.

A recent report from Asebio, a major employer in the industry, said this was a 60 % increase on the previous year. The report states, ‘In recent years, the effort made by Spanish biotechnology has received recognition from international markets. The companies of the sector have been the object of interest of large pharmaceutical multinationals and international investors, as well as the capital markets, giving rise to unprecedented agreements and funding rounds in our country.’

It continues, ‘Foreign capital is now key in the commitment to this type of company.’

Spain’s place in the world

Spain is currently in seventh place in terms of investment from abroad into companies in the biotech sector.

These companies often employ a high level of technology, and it’s this in which capital is increasingly focusing.

The biotechnology sector encompasses companies which research and develop in the fields of pharmacology, food, agriculture, fuel, and industrial products based on technologies that use living organisms or derivatives.

This intensely scientific activity often requires long periods of development, and therefore a lot of capital to bring their innovations to the market.

Ever increasing circles

In recent years, Spanish companies undertaking these kinds of activities have begun to earn increasing recognition from international markets. This is leading to funding and agreements which are ever increasing in size and painting a very encouraging picture for the future of Spanish biotech.

Spain is now in the leading group of countries receiving investment for these kinds of ventures. Others in this elite club include the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea and Denmark, all of which have a high presence in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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