New venture for GVC

Spain: a new venture for GVCAfter the 2000 launch of VenturCap and the establishment in 2013 of VenturCap II, the financial services group GVC Gaesco has launced its third venture capital company, Itupac. This new firm will mainly carry out seed capital operations and starts with 1.2 million euros.

Gaesco is one of the main independent financial groups in Spain. With more than 60 years of history in the markets, they are always looking for good investment opportunities to maximize value. The group offers the services of wealth management, private banking, brokerage and Depository, corporate finance and insurance brokerage. They state their mission as being to preserve assets while making savings profitable.

Playing the long game

GVC Gaesco has been managing financial assets for decades and considers themselves pioneers in the management of Investment Funds, SICAVs and Pension Funds. Experience in any market environment is fundamental to carrying out the most appropriate investment decisions, ensuring the interests of the client and focusing management on the optimization of the profitability.

Claiming to be the fifth most profitable fund in the history of Spain, the company registered with CNMV in 1986. It now boasts a team of more than 20 professionals with an average experience of 15 years.

Discretionary portfolio management service from GVC Gaesco has been the mission of managing their clients’ financial assets. This means that they adapt their style to the individual risk profile defined by the client. And aligning medium and long-term profitability objectives, they ensure the protection and preservation of heritage.

Reading the markets

They also claim to have solid anticipation and reactions to changing market situations with consistent reliability along with delegation of management to professionals with proven experience and results, all while processing customer information with the utmost discretion and care.

In this they search for the profitability/ risk combination that best adapts to the risk profile of a given situation.

When losses are suffered by clients, these are monitored to speed up the incidents of the process. But to minimize this, they work independently with the most prestigious and most solvent insurance companies with the aim of offering an effective response to the personal and professional needs of their clients.

This means they offer a service oriented to the optimization, planning and management of the entire insurance portfolio, regardless of its nature, to offer the alternatives that best fit the customer’s needs.

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