Record levels for foreign investment in Spain

Record levels for foreign investment in SpainThis is according to data from the Foreign Investment Registry (RIE) of the State Secretariat of Commerce, as the total of foreign investment in Spain surpassed 36,000 million euros to reach 36,122 million.

Seventy per cent of the investment came from the European Union and can be broken down further by country. Leading the way was Luxembourg with around 21 % of the total. Germany and the UK followed with 14 and 13 % respectively before coming to the biggest investor from outside of Europe – The United States at 11 %. Just a point behind that with ten came France.

The total coming from the European Union added up to a 19 % increase when compared to what was invested from those quarters in 2016.

Also notable was activity from the continent of Africa. Investments there more than tripled on the figures from 2016. What this actually means is an increase of 345 % in just two investments.

Continental thrift

And although the USA came out fourth in the list of top investors, her interest in Spain fell by 53 %. This ran almost parallel to the result from Latin America whose investment in Spain fell by 67 %. Following the downward trend was Asia and Oceana whose combined investments dropped by 77 %

Looking to more positive movements, real estate benefited most from the upward trend, taking in 13 % of the total invested in Spain in 2017. This was followed by electric and gas companies which received ten %, while financial services and telecommunications both came out with seven % of the pie. Wholesale trade ran up at the back of this leading pack with six %. However, this seemingly small share still meant that more than 2,000 million euros was invested in that particular entity.

Spain’s top three

By region, the community of Madrid came out on top, receiving 61 % of the total foreign investment, followed by Catalonia in this regard.

The third most successful region for investment in Spain from outside parties was the Basque Country. Adding this region to that of Madrid and Catalonia meant that these three took in 85 % of the total investment in Spain.

Going the other way, Spanish investment abroad fell by 42 % in 2017 with 30,700 million euros invested.

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