Spanish Tourism Continues to Grow

Spanish Tourism Continues to Grow

Spanish Tourism Continues to Grow

Spain is on course for another record tourist season! In the second quarter to June, the Spanish tourism business grew 3.8 percent from a year earlier, marking the ninth consecutive quarter of over 2.5 percent growth.

And it’s not just foreign visitors who have been enjoying the sights. According to tourist company lobby group Exceltur, Spaniards have also been holidaying on their home turf as Spain’s economic recovery continues.

But once again it is the influx of foreign tourists which indicate that 2015 will be a banner year for the industry in Spain.

More than 29 million visitors arrived on Spanish shores between January and June, up 4.1 percent year-on-year, Industry Ministry body Frontur reported. This marks the best first half-year in the historical series compiled by the Tourism Studies Institute.


So what has Spain got to offer compared to other holiday resorts? One key issue is it is perceived as a safe destination compared to the Middle East and other countries like Tunisia, where dozens of tourists were gunned down at a beach hotel in June.

Greece, another popular holiday resort in Europe, has also suffered a shaky start to its summer season as concerns over the Greek debt crisis dampened last-minute bookings at the beginning of last month.

Then of course there is the positive impact of the weaker euro which has fuelled a rise in visitors from the US and other non-euro countries like Switzerland.

Traditionally at the top of Spain’s list of foreign tourists, British visitors reached over 6.7 million in the first half of 2015, up 2.6 percent year-on-year. But tourism from the US and Switzerland soared 15.7 percent and 9.7 percent respectively.


Looking ahead, it seems Spain will continue to be a magnet for tourists!

A global study published in May by the World Economic Forum said the country has the most competitive tourism industry in the world, citing factors such as its natural and cultural resources and excellent infrastructure.

Apart from attracting international visitors, Spain’s wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and sports facilities have also fuelled the rise in domestic tourism.

Spanish tourist spending grew 13.3 percent in the first half of 2015 from a year earlier, providing a solid base for growth in the industry, Exceltur said.

This rise in domestic tourist expenditure – which has also been fuelled by a keen interest in Spain’s burgeoning agro-tourism business – has contributed to the industry creating five percent more jobs in the second quarter of 2015 from a year ago, Exceltur noted.

Tourism, which accounts for about 11 percent of Spanish GDP, clearly continues to be a key economic growth driver.

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