Spanish wine and its International Exportation

Spanish wine and its International Exportation

Spain has the the world’s largest acreage devoted to grapevines, and in terms of volume of production it sits just behind France and Italy as the world’s third largest wine producer. And not surprisingly, wine is one of Spain’s star exports, with the UK, Germany and the US some of its key international markets.

In the first half of 2012, wine exports rose 13.5 percent despite an overall drop in production due to bad weather.

The heart of the country’s wine producing is the region of La Rioja in northeast Spain. Rioja wine is the leading designation of origin brand both at home and overseas, with red Rioja the most popular with wine buffs.

There’s a lot happening with white wines too in this dynamic wine-producing country. One region stands out for its contribution: Rias Baixas in north-west Galicia.

TheTerras Gauda winery has put the Rias Baixas white wines firmly on the map.


Founded in 1989, Terras Gauda was the first ever winery from the Rias Baixas region to have its wine included in German flag carrier Lufthansa’s exclusive wine selection for first class passengers. It won this accolade over 20 years ago.

An ambitious research and development drive, coupled with strategic acquisitions to boost market share, have been behind Terras Gauda’s success. In 2010, it bought a majority stake in Ribera del Duero winery Quinta Sardonia in central Spain.

It now exports to over 40 countries and has distribution agreements with countries such as China, where wine consumption has doubled in the last five years. Terras Gauda also markets their wines in India through a wine club with a large membership – the vine roots are sprouting worldwide!


Spain’s wine regions range across the country and there are many up-and-coming wineries waiting to follow in Terras Gauda’s footsteps.

Over the last decade, many smaller establishments have revamped their installations to increase output for export, as well as promote the wine tourism industry which has become a major attraction for visitors to Spain over the last few years.

The Matarromera Group, founded in1988, has 7 wineries along the Duero River in central Spain and operates the only distillery in the region. Its products can be found in over 50 countries.

Apart from wine, the group also produces olive oil. Committed to continuous R&D, Matarromera also launched its own cosmetics brand ESDOR a few years ago. Each product line is produced from organic materials left over from the wine-making process.

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