Starwood Believes in Luxury Hotel Investments in Spain

Starwood Believes in Luxury Hotel Investments in Spain

Starwood Believes in Luxury Hotel Investments in Spain

Roeland Vos, president of Starwood for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with both his words and actions, has declared that now is the time to invest in luxury hotels in Spain. This German billionaire currently heads up 250 luxury hotels and resorts in 60 countries, with renowned brands such as The Luxury Collection, St. Regis, W and the Sheraton.

Vos has come out strongly supporting the future of luxury hotels and resorts in Spain, asserting that “Spain has always been important to us. Now is the time to invest, and we are doing so long term”.

Just two years ago, Vos opened the W in Barcelona, and he has made three large investments in luxury hotels in Spain this year alone. He reopened the Maria Cristina hotel in San Sebastian, as well as the Alfonso XIII hotel in Seville. He also continues to fund the renovations at Madrid’s Westin Palace.

“This is an opportunity to invest because there are many individual hotels in Spain which, when things are going well, can keep running themselves, but in difficult times, they need the support of a large company to attract international customers,” Vos explains. “That has been proven to us with the two new hotels we are running: Mirasierra Suites in Madrid and the Four Points Diagonal in Barcelona”.

Tourism in Spain is one of the country’s main sources of income, and hotels play a big part of that sector, which is filled with M&A opportunities. Tourists want to experience Spanish culture and be able to have a pleasant hotel experience while doing so. With 60 million annual visitors, hotels are primed to make a profit. Struggling hotels without a well-known name are looking to join forces to strengthen their reputation and economic income through joint ventures and mergers.

Therefore, Vos advises respect for the local culture when establishing, renovating, and redesigning a hotel. The formula for success is being open to the cultures of each country, including within each one of them.

Vos’s vast experience and keen instinct for the hotel sector could be useful for foreign investors searching for investments in the same field.

Spain’s luxury hotel sector is currently offering numerous opportunities for investors. If your company is considering investing in luxury hotels, you should contact Argali Abogados for information about our services.

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