The eighth Spanish Investors’ Day is here

The eighth Spanish Investors' Day is here

Spain Investors’ Day will hold its eighth annual event on January 9 and 10 in Madrid.

This will bring together large Spanish listed companies, leading members of the economic area of ​​the Government of Spain and international investors. Its main purpose over the two days is to hold presentations to institutional investors, sovereign funds and international private fund managers. These will encompass the current economic situation in Spain as well as future plans of the main companies listed on the IBEX 35.

The governing council of the SID will be chaired for one more year by the economist and former president of the CNMV, Blas Calzada.

Along with international investors and government authorities, the big IBEX companies will analyze opportunities offered by the Spanish market.

The bulk of these companies have already confirmed their participation in this new edition of the SID. And this year the celebration of the forum coincides with the political situation in Catalonia and the significant shareholding changes of some listed companies. These will be among the topics analyzed and debated during meetings by experts from around the world.


Blas Calzada said, ‘In recent years this forum has been consolidated as the most important financial event for large Spanish listed companies to explain their reality to international investors and it has proven to be an effective instrument to strengthen the confidence of the markets in our economy.’

The SID, says Calzada, will make it possible for people to get to know the government’s policy and hear the opinion of the economic leaders of other state institutions. Talking about Catalonia, Calzada said, ‘[This] factor is difficult to foresee, but its effect will be much less than it has been in recent months.’

The interest of companies and investors to attend this economic forum has remained consistently strong in previous years, reflecting the attraction that Spanish companies continue to enjoy internationally. Last year 39 listed companies and some 170 investors from 12 countries participated, and more than 700 private meetings were held.

Then and now

In years gone by the forum has enjoyed the participation of the Royal House and the Government of Spain, which have taken the opportunity to explain Spanish investment opportunities to international representatives in the current context of the country, as well as specific plans of the Government in terms of public investments.

The strategic partners of Spain Investors Day are BNP PARIBAS, a European leader in financial services. Additionally, it is sponsored by international firms Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading tax and financial advisory and auditing firms, and AON, a world leader in risk management among other services. Support also comes from Cecabank, PRISA, BME, and the public entity ICEX which belongs to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. And Linklaters and Equipo Economico will participate as collaborators. The promoter and organizer of Spain Investors’ Day is Communication Study.

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