The future’s so bright they’re gonna need shades

The future's so bright they're gonna need shades

Youthful sunglasses company Hawkers has announced one of the biggest investments in Europe having received €50 million.

Among the significant investors are Félix Ruiz and Hugo Arévalo, founders of Madrid based company Tuenti. As a result, Arévalo is to be welcomed onto the team as executive chairman. A group of private and independent investors also got in on the investment action.

 After two and a half years of going it alone, this is the first investment Hawkers has received and they are hoping they can use it to cause an even bigger splash in what it calls its ‘smart value fashion strategy.’ And now, in time, the company aims to become a leading global player in its field. 

CEO, and one of the founding members, Alex Moreno says they want to continue to set the pace in how the sunglasses industry develops. To this goal, he adds, ‘Not only in Spain but in the rest of the world.

‘To carry on reinventing this industry we are going to use part of this investment to employ the best talent that is out there to be able to continue innovating and contributing to society.’

This is another investment story following on from the recent record breaking Spain Investors’ Day and another example that Spain is currently enjoying massive investor confidence.


2014 saw the company close with revenues of €15 million which increased to €40 million the following year. The projection for 2016 is a healthy €70 million. Moving forward with confidence, they’ve set a goal of €150 million for 2017 before expecting to double that the following year.  

Most of this success, realized and potential, has to go to their digital online strategy which has seen them revolutionize the way in which social media can be used to create awareness.

As well as helping grow their brand, their use of social media saw them win first prize at the Eficacia Awards which rewards effectiveness in marketing. They were also the subjects of a case study by Twitter in how to build effective online marketing.

The new funding they have received is now giving the company scope to build on European markets with Portugal, the UK, France, Germany and Italy on its immediate hit list.


Expanding on how else they will use the investment, co founder Paco Pérez says, “We are going to invest in R&D to study new materials, but also new ways to make market ourselves online. Of course, we would like to be the brand of the future transforming the way people buy sunglasses.”

While aiming at a younger demographic, the company is fairly youthful itself with the average age of its employees being 27. Perez says this has led to them not taking themselves too seriously, saying, ‘We think that is a good thing. Hawkers represents the new generation of companies.’

As for their marketing strategy, they have been innovative in turning away from traditional advertising models with Perez adding, ‘All our communications and branding is in social media, which we see a huge tool to convert clients to fans and fans to clients. That’s the right and only place for us to be.”

Creative director David Moreno says that they listen to their consumer base when they’re thinking about what to produce. In that, he credits them with the look of the glasses. ‘We are not the owners of the brand,’ he says, ‘We just manage it. Our customers who continue buying our brand are the owners.”

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