The south comes together to innovate and celebrate

The south comes together to innovate and celebrateThe South Summit Innovation Is Now conference is all set for Madrid from October 4 to October 6.

Born out of Spain Startup, the conference, which was founded in 2012 deep in the economic crisis, was a joint initiative with IE Business School with the belief that entrepreneurs were going to be the driving force to kickstart the economy.

Two years later the scope increased as the organisers sought talent from all over the south to create South Summit. In the three years since it took its first steps, it has become the worldwide reference as a leading event around innovation with more than 12,500 attendees from more than 100 countries.

The agenda

Featured are keynote talks and debates with worldwide innovation leaders, meetings with the largest business angels and venture capitalist firms. There there’s the Startup Competition which celebrates the most promising and ambitious young businesses and entrepreneurs.

And of course, apart from all of the above, there are business and networking opportunities everywhere you look.

Seven stages are on offer over the three days including the Arena Stage, the Playground, the Sandbox, the Innovation Stage, The Next Big Thing, the Demo Stage – from IE Universtity – and the Investors’ Den.

The Arena Stage seeks to inspire through storytelling and this year will be focusing on major global challenges and opportunities in billion dollar markets that are primed for ambitious young companies. Towards the end of the second day it will run a session titled, ‘Yes, Spain Has Talent.’

At The Playground, participants will hear about innovations in smart mobility, new money, energy and sustainability and deep tech, among others. Alongside that, the Sandbox Stage will feature travel and tourism, healthcare and biotech and art and culture.

Getting practical

Really looking into the detail, The Innovation Stage is the place to be as it explores different business ecosystems from all sides of industry. On display here will be early stage innovators while large corporates discuss their innovation practices today as they talk about what they’ve learned regarding what works and what doesn’t.

The Next Big Thing allows attendees to take away some top tips of the trade as experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and South Summit partners talk about cutting edge tools they use.

Then, over at the Demo Stage, IE University will share content related to data science, technology, architecture, design, legal technology and many other topics. This stage will also provide a platform for startups and allow businesses to showcase their latest innovations.

Finally, The Investors’ Den is a space for the South Summit investment community to network to learn, share and connect to gain a better hold of what’s going on in the business world around them. Local and international venture capitalists, business angels, government funds, and limited partners will share best practices and lessons they’ve learned while also discussing some of the biggest threats and opportunities in the industry today.

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