Young Entrepreneurs Launch WhatsApp Competitor Woowos in Spain

Young Entrepreneurs Launch WhatsApp Competitor in Spain

Young Entrepreneurs Launch WhatsApp Competitor Woowos in Spain

Spanish start-ups focused on new technologies are on the rise because entrepreneurs see this sector as one of the key drivers for future economic growth. And while getting funding for projects remains a challenge due to the credit squeeze, this is more than offset by the wealth of talent, expertise and commitment to innovation inherent in this new generation of businessmen and women.

Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, is one of the top ten European capitals for start-ups, according to magazine Wired UK. One of the most enterprising ideas to emerge from this hotbed of technology is the new instant messaging application Woowos created by a group of young Catalan entrepreneurs as an alternative to WhatsApp.

So how does a Catalonia-based start-up think it can compete with a world famous and wildly popular chat app? It’s all about offering more advanced technology and services. The Woowos app’s main selling point is that it provides the user with more privacy and security.


Woowos is the first app which offers users more control over their instant messages. They have the option to encrypt messages or eliminate text or images from the recipient’s phone even after the messages have been sent.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and Android Market in Spanish, Catalan and English. It already has 60,000 registered users in 60 countries.

Woowos’ owners plan a round of funding to raise cash to improve the app’s functions and market it more aggressively overseas. Another of their objectives is to convince companies to incorporate Woowos as their employees’ messaging service.

The app’s founders are negotiating with several firms to begin pilot testing this year. For those companies which have begun to embrace the phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Woowos is an attractive option because of the security it offers in the workplace.


Barcelona has a talent-rich start-up industry, fuelled by the city’s international profile. In the Wired Uk ranking, it compares with London, Moscow and Tel Aviv, amongst others.

The city has hosted many start-up events and has long been the chosen location for top global investment bank Morgan Stanley’s annual technology, media and telecommunications conference. So it’s not surprising that new technologies is the chosen industry for savvy entrepreneurs.

One of Barcelona’s most successful start-ups is Restalo. Founded in 2009, the firm is the leading provider of real-time online restaurant reservations in Spain and Italy, cashing in on the fact that southern Europe’s restaurant and food industry remains buoyant despite the crisis.

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